No Harm on the Farm

Is AG Safety an important concern within your community? 

With so many farm related accidents involving children, it’s a very real issue for so many.

Click the video above to take a sneak peek of “No Harm on the Farm”.


No Harm on the Farm is an innovative, engaging and interactive program that puts vital focus on Agriculture Safety, where rural children and their families can participate in a hands-on interactive experience. 

Kids will leave feeling great about what they’ve learned, filled with positive messaging, great farm safety tips and tangible action oriented musical reminders that are so easily take-home and memorable, they’ll quickly feel like second nature.  The lasting impact will benefit the whole family, and nurture a safe farm and home environment for years to come.

 Our youth is our future, and future proofing our agricultural selves begins with the kids. Team T&J make it their job to empower kids with knowledge that will keep them safe while providing tools for a safe future.

+ 24 Million Youth Visit Farms Each Year

+ 12,000 Youth are Injured on Farms Every Year

+ Agriculture is the 6th most dangerous U.S. Occupation

+ Every three days, a Child Dies in an Agriculture-Related Incident