TEAM T&J take kids interactive music and entertainment to incredible heights with a high-energy, super powered concert !

TEAM T&J is a live experience and an interactive journey of Self-exploration, creativity and participation that encourages kids to see and feel what it means to come together and stick2gether !

A Hands on, action oriented live music show

We show you what it looks like to be true to who you are while coming together as a team!

"Through diversity and inclusion, the meaning and messaging behind what TEAM t&J offer is becoming a more and more prevalent need in all our lives."

Welcome to the TEAM!

I wanted to let you know how much we all enjoyed your performance last month in Georgina. You’re both incredibly talented and the families who attended clearly enjoyed themselves immensely. My staff all agreed that the show was one of the best holiday programs we’ve ever hosted here!!
— J. Sutherland - Georgina, ON