TEAM T&J are a fresh dose of Active and Uplifting Family Entertainment for audiences of all ages. 

TEAM T&J create an environment where kids can explore and express their imaginations through the excitement and freedom of live music interaction.

TEAM T&J focus on diversity and unification. we are all equal but not the same, each of us is unique.

A team encourages their players to be true to who they are in order for the team as a whole to be their best.

Welcome to the TEAM!

“It was so wonderful to see such a superb show put on by Team T&J. What a privilege to be there. The kids were so thrilled and I was personally impressed to see a live show, so personal and memorable. You both are so talented with great musical abilities and voice modulations and have touched so many kids lives, not to mention parents like myself. You are truly international in your performance. Fabulous!
Keep up the great work of touching childrens’ lives. You are great as a TEAM!”
— Leon Sequeira - Attended our Show Saturday, March 5, 2016 with his 5 year old